We specialise in composite repairs. If you’ve damaged your SUP, SUP paddle, surfboard, kite-board, twin-tip, foil board, kite-foil, dinghy or any composite product we can fix it for you.

Services range from a quick overnight repair to get you back on the water ASAP to full carbon structural repairs. We will colour match and finish all repair requirements.

If you have damaged your kite, windsurfer or dinghy sail we can fix it for you. Just drop by or call us regarding your damaged item and we let you know if it can be fixed.

  • All repairs are done using the appropriate cloth and resin to maintain the strength of the craft and the durability of the repair.

  • Prices vary according to time and the cost of materials.

  • All repairs are quoted on a case by case basis, you can decide how far you want to go with the repair ranging from water tight and strong to perfect colour match. The minimum price is $60 and overnight repair is available.

Simply call or text Ben on 0405 687 303