With decades of experience in professional competitive sailing at the elite international level, you won’t find anywhere with more product knowledge or sporting devotion.

At FOILSPORT we have come to love hydrofoils and their applications in all water sports, our passion for speed when foiling ensures we absolutely understand the need for reliability of equipment.

Whether it’s foil kiting, foil surfing, wind wings or any other water foil sports we welcome your questions and can offer practical advice about foiling. 

Our goal is to have you flying above the water on top quality foil gear that suits your experience, your chosen foiling-sport and your budget.

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We are very excited to introduce SABFOIL to the Australian water sports market with versatile and easy to use products that were and remain in a class of their own.

Foilsport are the official Australian stockists and give SABFOIL Hydrofoils pride of place amongst our wide and reliable foiling product range.

Here at Foilsport we are also a product dealer for high quality, innovative brands such as: Ensis, PPC, Peter Lynn Kites, North Kiteboarding and Amos Shapes.