Welcome to Foil Sport Australia

Foilsport is the home of hydrofoiling in Australia. We believe in supplying quality products and advice to help you whatever ability. From purchasing your first foil, advice on your first flight, to a friendly chat about how to nail your first gybe or tack. We are all about the enjoyment of being on the water and flying above it. Try not to get addicted as it is a truly unique experience that is more accessible than you may think!

All products seen on Foilsport are high quality and hand picked by us to ensure that you are getting the best products on the market.

Meet Ben from FoilSport Australia

A life long love of water sports has led Ben to both competitive and recreational enjoyment of the water, wind and waves.

On the competitive side Ben has carved a career as a profesional sailor and coach competing in 3 Americas Cup teams over the last 18 years.

On the recreation side Surfing, kitesurfing and Foiling have been life long passions.

Creating Foilsport in 2014  has been a way to combine all of Bens passions and experiences into a life where he is constantly doing what he loves.

The aim of the Foilsport website is to bring together the best products in each area and make them available to fellow water sport enthusiasts. 

Ben is always available for a chat about all of the products that are for sale or custom manufactured at the purpose built factory/shop in Melbourne.