Sabfoil / Moses complete hydrofoil kit 82-679

Moses 82-679

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A brand new mast, 82 cm long, that can be used in both disciplines Kite and Surf.

Its incredible stiffness and low torsion carachteristics make the 82-679 extremly reactive. The new 679 front wing is the optimization of 683S.

Base Plate Joint 90x165 mm
Mast Height 820 mm
Front Wing 679
Front Wing Span 679 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 198 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 4.6
Front Wing Surface 990 cm2
Stabilizer 483
Stabilizer Span 483 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 85 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7.6
Stabilizer Surface 316 cm2


Lift Speed 8/10
Control 8/10
Agility 8/10
Upwind 7/10
Top Speed 8/10

Pack content:

-1x Mast 82 Carbon - Plate

-1x W679 Front wing 679

-1x S483 Stabilizer 483

-1x FS710 Surf fuselage 710

-2x Socket Head Cap Screw M6x25 and washers

-1x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x16

-1x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x20

-3x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x25

-torx, hex tip, grease