KITE 106-670

KITE 106-670

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Moses Hydrofoil 106 - 670 Kite Race



New race gear 

More info to follow 

The 106670 is all about race performance. It is super stable and fast through the water. To be fast around the race course is not all about shear speed as speed only comes from stability and confidence in the hardware you are riding. This foil is perfect for those who wish to increase their performance on the water.


• 106 cm length

• Full high modulus carbon

• Hard core inside

• Aluminum 6082 fuselage

• Multi prole three stage front wing

• Minimum hydrodynamic drag

Package Includes:

Mast, front and rear wings, fuselage. This complete package comes ready to race.


Mast Height 1060 mm
Front Wing 670
Front Wing Span 670 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 115 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 7.8
Front Wing Surface 570 cm2
Stabilizer 421
Stabilizer Surface 221 cm2
Stabilizer Span 414 mm
Root Chord 61,70 mm
Aspect Ratio 7.76