Board L4'6''

Board L4'6''

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Tow in or surfing, the shape of the 4'6" offers easy paddling and take off.

Its concave deck with low back foot position will help get you pumping like a pro and gives you great agility while surfing.

With 29 litres and only 2.9 kilos weight, this full carbon vacuum resin injected board is the most advanced surfboard you will ever ride.


Pack content:

  • 1x Board L 4'6''
  • 4x Button Head Screws M8x30 and washers
  • 4x Nuts M8
  • 6x Self-tapping screws M5x25 and washers
Liters 29
Weight 2,9 kg
Dimension 136x50x8.4 cm