James Weight

James Weight I Uni-Drive Team Rider I Surf, Kite I Melbourne, Australia


Weighty hits the water every chance he gets and if a solid swell hits he drops everything! He regularly surfs on the West Coast (mainly Bells and Winki) and when the wind kicks he hits it on the kite.
Being one of the pioneers of kiting in Victoria he was the first to kite a lot of wave spots and when it’s heavy he’s often the only one out. He also set a world record crossing Bass Strait with Uni-Drive’s Ben Morrison-Jack. 
Preferring to ride his kiteboards with straps has seen him break a heap of boards. Frustrated by this he tried plenty of different brands and types of construction before getting onto a carbon Uni-Drive.
He says his custom board provides the perfect balance of strength and flex, whilst remaining light enough to perform.