Welcome to Foilsport Australia

Ben Morrison-Jack I Uni-Drive CEO I Team rider I Australia

Welcome to Foilsport. 

Let me help you find the perfect gear to maximise your experience on the water.

Please feel free to get in touch. I enjoy talking all things foiling, kiting, surfing, windwings and water sports.

Foilsport came to be after many years of educational yet crushing failed attempts to create my own brand of foils. 

Like you I caught the foiling bug and saw it as a way to transition out of a life of constant travel as a professional sailor.

One day doing some research I found MOSES HYDROFOILS. The product was impressive. To my eye the best and no one was selling them in Australia. 

So here I am.

Since then I have expanded with the mission to find and stock the best products available for all things foiling. 

I aim to have you flying above the water on the best quality gear to suit your experience, chosen Foilingsport and budget.

Email bmj.unidrive@foilsport or Call / Text 0405687303
Surf, kite, sail I Melbourne, Australia