KIT 82-873

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Moses Hydrofoil 82-873 Kite Surf


The 873 has tons of lift while still very reactive.

Designed for small waves, this wing will make you ride with no need of a breaking wave. pumping in calm water, wake foiling at low speed, wing foiling in low to medium wind, Sup, everything is possible the addition of the new 82 carbon mast!

Base Plate Joint 90x165 mm
Mast Height 820 mm
Front Wing 873
Front Wing Span 873 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 304 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 3.63
Front Wing Surface 2100 cm2
Stabilizer 483
Stabilizer Span 483 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 85 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7.6
Stabilizer Surface 316 cm2